Do you have some natural gold such as fines, flakes, nuggets, or quartz and gold specimens to sell? We are always         looking for small and sometimes even large    quantities of natural gold to purchase.
   If you want to sell some natural gold and would like to get an estimate from us, please take some quality photographs and email them to us. Please be sure to also include the weight of your gold in grams. Be sure to check with us before selling your natural gold, as we typically offer better prices than most will. We will usually offer a percentage price based on the current spot market value.
After we have agreed upon a price, you will then mail us your gold. (Be sure to follow our shipping instructions) After we receive your gold and have weighed and authenticated it, there will be a check for the agreed amount in the mail to you within 48 hours. (Typically next business day)
Click here for shipping instructions
Please note that “Alinson Distributing Company” is also interested in buying your natural gold, just the way Mother Nature created it, bullion, coins, jewelry, bars, etc.